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We’re Dan Stone and Spencer Millsap, your guides on this ride around the world.

One question we often get at National Geographic is, “After so many years of the world becoming smaller and more connected, what’s left to explore?” The answer pretty much boils down to this: lots.

Our job is to prove it. We’re a two-man reporting team that travels the globe to explore its untold stories and innovative ideas. We produce sharp stories (by Dan), videos (by Spencer), and photos (by us both). If it sounds like a fun job, we’ll admit we like it. And while we’re contractual friends, we’re actual friends too. That’s not to say it’s always pretty. Ask Spencer about the time we shot a story while knee-deep in raw sewage. (“After you, sir…”)

You might be wondering, “Can I come with you guys?” You sure can. We have only so much space in our carry-on bags, but we could use your company online. With Twitter and Instagram, you can join our journey. Share your thoughts about where we should go and questions we should ask. Or simply—and this is crucial—food we should try.

So hop aboard. Visit this site for our latest coordinates and tweet us at @DanEnRoute and @Spono. And here’s our offer: If you send us a postcard from your part of the world, we’ll send you one from ours.

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